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2906, 2017
EPIN Commentary

The EU-Debate in Austria: dynamic perceptions and ambiguous politics (Paul Schmidt, EPIN Commentary 39)

29. June 2017|

When Austria joined the European Union 22 years ago, with 66.6% of the people voting in favour, one could hardly have expected the turn public opinion would take in the years to come.

2006, 2017
Artikel Chatham House

Euroscepticism in Austria: the calm before the storm? (Kommentar Paul Schmidt, Chatham House)

20. June 2017|

Austrians’ attitude towards the European Union is rather ambivalent. The country is located at the core of Europe, has benefited from all major steps of European integration and has weathered the economic and financial crisis comparatively well. At the same time, Euroscepticism has been steadily gaining ground.

2006, 2017

Chatham House-Studie: Contested Legitimacy in Europe – The Future of Europe: Comparing Public and Elite Attitudes

20. June 2017|

Der britische Think Tank Chatham House hat in einer 10 EU-Länder umfassenden Studie das Meinungbild zur Europäischen Union untersucht. Die ÖGfE hat als Partner des Projekts die EU-Stimmung in Österreich näher analysiert.

2006, 2017

The refugee crisis and the situation in Sub-Saharan Africa

20. June 2017|

By: Jafali Kasozi

The massive inflow of refugees that the EU witnessed in 2015/2016 hit many countries by surprise. In particular, countries such as Austria, Sweden and Germany, which took in the highest numbers compared to their population, faced severe challenges. However, from a global perspective the situation in Europe only constitutes the “tip of the iceberg”...

1406, 2017

ÖGfE-survey: Increasing support for EU membership in Austria, but scepticism towards deepening of the Euro zone

14. June 2017|

75 percent in favor of Austria remaining a member of the EU - 21 percent want to leave | 59 percent against Euro area treasury and budget

2504, 2017

The Brexit as opportunity for a sustainability-oriented reform of the EU budget

25. April 2017|

By: Margit Schratzenstaller

The current discussion about the EU budget after the Brexit strongly focuses on its future volume and the effects on national contributions. At the same time, however, the Brexit offers a unique opportunity for fundamental sustainability-oriented structural reforms of the EU budget.

304, 2017

The EU at 60: Why there is hope the future will be brighter than many expect (LSE EUROPP Blog Roland Benedikter and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski)

3. April 2017|

The European Union is marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which was signed on 25 March 1957. But given the UK’s decision to leave the EU and rising scepticism in many European countries, is there a bleak future for the integration process? Roland Benedikter (Member of the ÖGfE Advisory Board) and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski argue that the EU is in a significantly healthier position than it appears, and that far from grinding to a halt, European integration will continue to be relevant in the coming decades.

2102, 2017

Is EU free movement a curse or a blessing? The case of Austria (Op-Ed Paul Schmidt, LSE EUROPP Blog)

21. February 2017|

Austria’s government has recently raised the prospect of altering employment rules to ensure workers already in the country are given priority for new jobs over workers in other EU states. Paul Schmidt writes that while immigration to Austria has risen rapidly over the last decade, the country still benefits from free movement, and increasing economic convergence within the EU would go some way toward addressing the problem.

1512, 2016

Brexit Six Months On: waiting for Godot

15. December 2016|

By: Melanie Sully

2410, 2016

Austrian Euroscepticism has grown markedly, but voters still show little support for leaving the EU (Op-Ed, Paul Schmidt, LSE EUROPP Blog)

24. October 2016|

Austria is often cited as an EU state that could potentially follow the UK in holding a referendum on EU membership, but how have attitudes toward the EU changed in the country over recent years?

1710, 2016

Keeping the Transnistrian conflict on the radar of the EU

17. October 2016|

By: Benedikt Harzl

1209, 2016

Central Europe and the Refugee Question

12. September 2016|

By: Gabi Göbl, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Marko Lovec, Milan Nic and Paul Schmidt

Cooperation, not Confrontation

609, 2016

Fertile times for Europe’s right-wing parties (Artikel AFP)

6. September 2016|

Anti-immigrant populist parties continue to gain traction in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Austria

1708, 2016

Why Central Europe needs a unified strategy for tackling the migration crisis (Blogbeitrag Paul Schmidt, Gabi Gőbl, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Marko Lovec, Milan Nič)

17. August 2016|

The refugee and migration question is a cross-border challenge, which can only be confronted together.

807, 2016

ÖGfE-Survey: After the Brexit-vote – Desire to leave the EU is decreasing in Austria

8. July 2016|

61 percent in favor of Austria remaining a member of the EU - 23 percent want Austria to leave the EU - Survey

706, 2016

The Brexit Drama

7. June 2016|

By: Melanie Sully

Final curtain or prelude

2305, 2016

How the EU can promote a civil society in Syria

23. May 2016|

By: Kathrin Bachleitner

1103, 2016

Deciphering the Paris Agreement on Climate Policy

11. March 2016|

By: Stefan Schleicher, Angela Köppl and Margit Schratzenstaller

What might be the implications for the EU?

2101, 2016

The European Dimension in Education: a new strategy to an ancient theme

21. January 2016|

By: Alfonso Diestro Fernández and Miriam García Blanco

1011, 2015

EU Enlargement in troubled times?

10. November 2015|

By: Florent Marciacq

Adapting to new realities and drawing lessons from democratisation failures

611, 2015
PB37_frontbild_pichelmann melander

An economic assessment of asylum seeker inflows

6. November 2015|

By: Annika Melander and Karl Pichelmann

Spectacular and disturbing images, unspectacular macro-economic impact

611, 2015

The Juncker Commission has Brussels in a state of upheaval

6. November 2015|

By: Michael Kaeding

One year on, nothing is the way it used to be

411, 2015

Hinkley Point C

4. November 2015|

Von: Waldemar Hummer

Der Kampf Österreichs gegen Bau und Betrieb von Atomkraftwerken

1910, 2015

We Need to Talk about Europe

19. October 2015|

By: Katrin Auel

How Parliaments Communicate EU Affairs to their Citizens

910, 2015

It’s the community, stupid!

9. October 2015|

By: Lukas Hakelberg and Zoe Lefkofridi

Why more integration is the best option for Europeans

2707, 2015
Beitragsbild 65

Human rights in Spain – a mere national topic?

27. July 2015|

Von: Ruth Simsa & Luis Berraquero-Díaz
Millions of Spanish people have been protesting against austerity policies and their consequences. The Spanish government has responded with a law on public security that leads to a severe restriction of civil rights to demonstrate and protest. In recent years [...]

1707, 2015
Beitragsbild 63

A new start for Greece and Europe!

17. July 2015|

Von: Karl Aiginger, Kurt Bayer
The six months negotiations with Greece can mark a turning point in the way Europe deals with its weaker members, requiring concessions from both sides. Greece will need additional funds to be able to repay its immediate excessive debt burdens. Several additional sources need to be tapped [...]

207, 2015
Beitragsbild 62

The Greek Referendum on the Euro: Options and Implications

2. July 2015|

Von: Emmanuel Sigalas
The Greek government decided to call a referendum on the creditors' 25 June 2015 proposals. It is effectively a crucial referendum that will influence Greece's future in the Eurozone. The referendum suffers from a number of important problems, but the government is reluctant to back down. [...]

1906, 2015
Beitragsbild 60

From Reaction to Action – Europe’s Asylum and Migration Policy at the Crossroad

19. June 2015|

Von: Olaf Böhnke and Darius Reinhardt
The numbers of people dying on their way to Europe has increased over the past decade. The EU has been unable to step up a comprehensive strategy how to deal with the situation. So far EU-member states often only agreed to security-oriented means such as [...]

1305, 2015
Beitragsbild 55

The future of the Eastern Partnership

13. May 2015|

Von: Tamás Novák
Strategic changes or continued drifting. In 2009 the EU launched the Eastern Partnership as the Eastern Dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Russia also initiated an ambitious integration project (after several integrational attempts from the mid-nineties) with the final objective of creating the Eurasian Economic Union. [...]

2804, 2015
Beitragsbild 53

The UK Election – a national and European game-changer

28. April 2015|

Von: Melanie Sully
This year Britain celebrates 750 years of parliamentary democracy and is rightly proud of strong historical roots that have withstood the test of time. Yet recent events have exposed weaknesses in the system. The shambles on who should take part in the televised election debates could be avoided with clear objective rules. [...]