How do Austrians feel about Europe? Which spontaneous associations do they have with regard to the EU, what do they wish for?
On the occasion of our 20th anniversary celebration, ÖGfE conducted a non-representative street survey. Find out about the EU mood in the streets of Vienna!

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ÖGfE-Policy Briefs provide short analyses leading to concise policy recommendations regarding current issues of European integration. Experts with different scientific backgrounds discuss today's burning questions. In order to bridge the gap between academia and politics we provide decision makers with relevant background information. We publish both, German and English papers, depending on the author's choice of language. The Policy Briefs are available as pdf documents.

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Latest ÖGfE Policy Briefs

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Minor asylum-seekers and refugees: the right of education in Austria

11.09.2015, By:Monika Mayrhofer

Obstacles, emissions and barriers in the implementation of international human rights standards and EU legislation

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Human rights in Spain - a mere national topic?

27.07.2015, By:Ruth Simsa and Luis Berraquero-Diaz


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Brexit, what if...

21.07.2015, By:Peter Bussjaeger

Scenarios related to the EU-exit-referendum in the United Kingdom

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A new start for Greece and Europe!

17.07.2015, By:Karl Aiginger, Kurt Bayer


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The armed struggle of the EU against the smugglers

09.06.2015, By:Waldemar Hummer

Between legal challenges and urgency of measures

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Extremists against Europe

02.06.2015, By:Anton Pelinka

The European Union as "Defining Other"

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Great Britain in Europe?

19.05.2015, By:Guido Tiemann

Uncertainty on three levels

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The future of the Eastern Partnership

13.05.2015, By:Tamas Novak

Strategic changes or continued drifting

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Does the EU respond adequately to the refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean?

30.04.2015, By:Florian Trauner

A reform proposal for the European asylum policy

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The EU between democratisation and elitism

20.04.2015, By:Markus Pausch

The necessity of a turnaround in the European democracy

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The European Union and the larger Europe

13.04.2015, By:Max Haller

Between intensification and enlargement: a strategy of graded integration.

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The future of Europe is called Quality of Life

19.03.2015, By:Kurt Bayer

A sustainable European growth strategy

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Multilateral approaches as a solution to multilateral problems

18.03.2015, By:Margit Schratzenstaller

Common tax policy allows for national room for manoeuvre

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The Iran and the West condemned to cooperation -

18.02.2015, By:Karin Kneissl

between silent and loud diplomacy regarding the Iranian nuclear affairs

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For a new European policy towards Iran

18.02.2015, By:Stephan Grigat

The relations between the EU and the 'Islamic Republic of Iran' need to change fundamentally

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From free to civilized markets

09.02.2015, By:Jakob Kapeller, Bernhard Schuetz und Dennis Tamesberger

A new deal for the European trade policy

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20 years EU membership

03.02.2015, By:Fritz Breuss

Austria, so far big winner, has to redefine its role

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Strategy 2030

27.01.2015, By:Helmut Kramer

Rethinking European Economic Policy

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The Social Situation in Spain and the Spanish Protest Movement

22.01.2015, By:Ruth Simsa

The EU Needs Dialogue and Immediate Corrective Action

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The Council of Europe Development Bank - a completely unknown entity

07.01.2015, By:Waldemar Hummer

Why does the Council of Europe have its own development bank and what is Austria's position in relation to it? -> ENGLISH VERSION of the main text: OEGfE Policy Brief 01a'2015

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More growth and jobs in Europe

19.11.2014, By:Christian Keuschnigg


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Two years ÖGfE-Policy Briefs


In celebration of two years ÖGfE Policy Briefs we are happy to present the brandnew anthology of papers! It presents an overview over the scientific analyses and policy recommendations contributed by 37 experts in the first two years of our series of publications. We would like to thank the authors very much for their valuable contributions! Please don't hesitate to submit papers and, thus, take the opportunity to direct your analyses and recommendations to policy makers and stakeholders as well as the general public.



The EU and Russian gas: Is Ukraine a game changer?

05.09.2014, By:Elina Brutschin, Johannes Pollak und Samuel R. Schubert


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When Transit Reached the Heart of Europe

25.06.2014, by Nicole Ehlotzky

Or: At the Anniversary of EU Approval of the Transport Protocol of the Alpine Convention

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The 'Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership' (TTIP) between the EU and the USA

06.06.2014, by Waldemar Hummer

Investment Protection and Dispute Settelment - The Search for just Balancing of interests between State Regulation and Entrepreneurs

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Ready to Vote?

21.05.2014, by Sylvia Kritzinger

A Study on the Youngest Voters in Austria

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Europe as a leader in climate protection

14.05.2014, by Stephan Schwarzer

A balancing act

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Dual Vocational Training as Opportunity for the Future of Europe

06.05.2014, by Bernhard Riederer

Professional Education for Preventive Labour Market Policy

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A new “Gold Standard” for International Trade Agreements

06.05.2014, by Christian Felber

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP

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The EU and Global Governance

02.05.2014, by Gerda Falkner and Patrick Müller

Shaping Global Policy in an Evolving World Order

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No Fear of Euroscepticism!

21.03.2014, by Markus Pausch

About the varieties and utility of EU critique

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Even in the European Election Year Reforms are Feasible

19.03.2014, by Karl Aiginger

We Have to Take Advantage of the Window of Opportunity for Strategic Politics Now

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Gender Equality Policy in Europe: Women AND Men as Adressees and Actors of Gender Equality

05.03.2014, by Nadja Bergmann, Claudia Sorger

Integrated approaches as a complement to specific individual initiatives

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The Arab Spring

17.02.2014, by Anne Goujon

The role of quality education and the consequences of its lack

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European Banking Union

28.01.2014, by Christian Keuschnigg


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How are they doing that in Austria?

15.10.2013, by Johannes Kopf

„Youth unemployment is the most pressing problem facing Europe“ Angela Merkel, Guardian, 2.7.2013

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The European Parliament with one year to go before the big election in 2014

13.06.2013, by Manfred Kohler

Legislative power player or part of a European system of "Governments of Governments, by Governments and for Governments"?

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Southern Europe: problem area or bridge to the future

19.04.2013, by Karl Aiginger, Matthias Firgo und Peter Huber

A change of strategy is necessary and possible

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National parliaments in the financial crisis

31.01.2013, by Oliver Höing and Christine Neuhold

Between opportunity structures and action-constraints

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Athens in the Euro laboratory

13.12.2012, by: Fritz Breuss


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The future of EU enlargement: a look at and from the Western Balkans

05.12.2012, by: Vedran Dzihic

Why there is no alternative to the European enlargement project on the Western Balkans.

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Lessons from America?

23.11.2012, by: Pelinka, A.

Obama's reelection and Europe

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Austria and Europe have to become resilient societies

23.10.2012, by: Benedikter, R. & Fathi, K.

A new concept for safeguarding the future in times of crisis

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Giving a »face and voice« to Europe in Austria

12.10.2012, by: W. Hummer

On the necessity of creating a Ministry for Europe and a permanent EU-information policy.

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