502, 2019

Straßenumfrage über das Europäische Parlament

5. Februar, 2019|

Am 26. Mai 2019 sind Europawahlen - Wir haben uns auf Wiens Straßen umgehört, für wie wichtig die ÖsterreicherInnen das Europäische Parlament halten. Von sehr wichtig bis hin zur EU als Auslaufmodell – die Meinungen gingen weit auseinander.

3101, 2019

How to challenge the Tribalist Zeitgeist?

31. Januar, 2019|

By: Péter Krekó, Attila Juhász, Csaba Molnár

The Political Capital Policy Research and Consulting Institute, located in Budapest, started a research project two years ago on populist attitudes in Hungary and Poland. The researchers examined why the term “populism” should be ignored in order to explain the phenomena that we are facing today, and the term “tribalism” describes this phenomenon in a more accurate form. In this policy brief the authors summarize the most important results of their project and give policy recommendations what can be done against tribalism.

3112, 2018

Populism in Central Europe 2018 (Final Report)

31. Dezember, 2018|

The final report of our project "Anti EU-rhetoric versus own national interests? National populism and its reception in Central Europe“ highlights the main results of our surveys, depicts some of the citizens’ views and finally draws conclusions and policy recommendations on how to tackle the challenges ahead in order to contribute to a constructive European debate based on common values and mutual understanding instead of a pure national view that in the end leads to divisiveness and the loss of long-term achievements of the European integration process.