2801, 2020

Rules versus Flexibility and the Future of European Monetary Policy

28. Januar, 2020|

By: Ewald Nowotny

In the field of monetary policy, the discussion of rules versus flexibility has already played a big role in European politics. In an upcoming “policy review,” this discussion may be highly relevant with regard to the inclusion or exclusion of monetary policy approaches and thus the degree of policy effectiveness. Against this background, this policy brief discusses the question “rules versus flexibility” with regard to some basic problems of monetary policy.
2001, 2020

How to implement a WTO-compatible full border carbon adjustment as an important part of the European Green Deal

20. Januar, 2020|

By: Alexander Krenek

The European Commission has announced to step up carbon emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2050. The new European Commission released plans for a European Green Deal and announced to propose a BCA mechanism for the EU. Implementation of an EU BCA, is not only politically contentious, but also rather complex from a legal perspective. This policy brief therefore focuses on issues of implementation.
1601, 2020

Austria’s new ÖVP-Green government: united in diversity? (Paul Schmidt, LSE EUROPP Blog)

16. Januar, 2020|

Austria’s new coalition government, incorporating the conservative ÖVP and the Green Party, was sworn in on 7 January. Paul Schmidt writes that the two parties have so far expressed a desire to find working compromises between their competing priorities. However, the rest of Europe will be watching with interest to see if their partnership remains sustainable in the long-term.