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2611, 2020

Voices of Europe, Episode 1: What Is Europe? (Podcast)

In the first episode of the podcast "Voices of Europe" produced by Haaretz and the EU National Institutes for Cultures, Oren Nahari hosts Paul Schmidt, Secretary General of the Austrian Society for European Politics, and Kristina Sabaliauskaite, art historian and doctor honoris causa of Vilnius Academy of Arts, and together they dive into the tangle of issues that arise from the question "What is Europe?", is it definable and does the EU represent Europe.

2310, 2020

Voices of Central and Eastern Europe – Perceptions of democracy and governance in 10 EU countries

A new report by the Slovak think tank GLOBSEC (www.globsec.org) provides comprehensive insight into public satisfaction with the functioning of democracy and governance, trust in political actors and the media and predispositions towards conspiracy theories and misinformation in ten Central and Eastern European countries. As the Austrian partner within the project, the Austrian Society for European Politics (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik / ÖGfE) helped to analyse Austrian specific results and has compiled a country report that focuses on public opinion in the alpine country.

2309, 2020

YouTubing Europe: Transnational Communication and Identity Formation in a European Network

By: Dennis Lichtenstein

Plans for promoting European identity on social media start from crisis diagnoses, rightly stating that the European Union suffers from deficits in public communication and a lack of European identity. This Policy Brief argues that social media can compensate for the mass media’s deficits in transnational communication within the EU. It calls on the European public service media for coordinated social media engagement and recommends the establishment of a European network on the video-sharing platform YouTube.
2209, 2020

Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals

The second volume of the book series "The Future of Europe: views from the Capitals" sheds light on how the increasing prominence of Eurosceptic and nationalist parties is having an impact on the thinking of mainstream parties, their representatives in the European Parliament, and the future of Europe.