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Focus Europe: ÖGfE-Policy Briefs

ÖGfE-Policy Briefs provide short analyses leading to concise policy recommendations regarding current issues of European integration. Experts with different scientific backgrounds discuss today’s burning questions. In order to bridge the gap between academia and politics we provide decision makers with relevant background information. We publish both, German and English papers, depending on the author’s choice of language. The Policy Briefs are available as pdf documents.

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Latest ÖGfE Policy Briefs

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2106, 2018

Divisions in Europe Expose the Need for an Ambitious Reform of the European Union

Von |21. Juni, 2018|Kategorien: Englisch, Policy Briefs, Policy Briefs English|Schlagwörter: , , , |0 Kommentare

Von: Aistė Mickonytė

The EU’s rule-of-law dispute with Poland and Hungary signals sharp divisions, painting a picture of a politically fragmented and inwardly focused Union. This dispute puts not only the success of EU enlargement to a litmus test; it challenges Europe’s unity.

205, 2018

What can we learn from productivity dynamics over the crisis episode in the EU?

Von |2. Mai, 2018|Kategorien: Englisch, Policy Briefs, Policy Briefs English|0 Kommentare

Von: Klaus S. Friesenbichler and Christian Glocker

While all EU economies witnessed a sharp decline in output during the financial crisis, the peripheral EU countries were particularly hard hit. This is surprising, given their sound macroeconomic performance prior to the crisis. It became obvious that imbalances had been building up underneath a seemingly tranquil macroeconomic surface.

512, 2017

The challenge of social cohesion: Addressing long-term consequences of the 2015 refugee crisis for Europe

Von |5. Dezember, 2017|Kategorien: Englisch, Policy Briefs, Policy Briefs English|0 Kommentare

Von: Bernhard Riederer

Immigrant inflows in 2015 triggered manifold reactions all over Europe. Policies soon turned towards border management, reforms of asylum procedures, and security issues while social scientific research focused on economic consequences for public finances and challenges for national labour markets. According to a recent expert survey, however, social vulnerability is a particularly serious long-term risk for European societies.

2006, 2017

The refugee crisis and the situation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Von |20. Juni, 2017|Kategorien: Englisch, Policy Briefs, Policy Briefs English|0 Kommentare

By: Jafali Kasozi

The massive inflow of refugees that the EU witnessed in 2015/2016 hit many countries by surprise. In particular, countries such as Austria, Sweden and Germany, which took in the highest numbers compared to their population, faced severe challenges. However, from a global perspective the situation in Europe only constitutes the “tip of the iceberg”...

2504, 2017

The Brexit as opportunity for a sustainability-oriented reform of the EU budget

Von |25. April, 2017|Kategorien: Englisch, Policy Briefs, Policy Briefs English|Schlagwörter: , , , , , |0 Kommentare

By: Margit Schratzenstaller

The current discussion about the EU budget after the Brexit strongly focuses on its future volume and the effects on national contributions. At the same time, however, the Brexit offers a unique opportunity for fundamental sustainability-oriented structural reforms of the EU budget.