Austrian Society for European Politics

The Austrian Society for European Politics (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik/ ÖGfE) aims to promote and support information activities on European affairs in Austria. Based in Vienna, the Society is a non-governmental and non-partisan platform mainly constituted by the Austrian Social Partners and founded in 1991 at the initiative of Peter Jankowitsch, former Secretary of State for European integration. Since that time the ÖGfE keeps expanding its range of activity and has accompanied the central steps of the European integration process.

Our guiding principle, thereby, is to communicate directly and maintain close contact to the citizens as central stakeholders of European integration.

Focal points and activities

  • Comparative analysis on current EU topics
  • ÖGfE Policy Brief Series
  • Public panel discussions (e.g. Europa Club Wien / Europa Club Uni)
  • Public opinion surveys regarding EU issues
  • Information work in schools (workshops, discussions, seminars for teachers)
  • Information material (touring exhibitions, brochures)
  • Monthly vote watch of Austrian MEPs
  • European projects, networking and international cooperation
  • Annual campaigns with EU focus
  • Comprehensive social media work and website

Financed and formed by

Management and Team

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ÖGfE Factsheet

For a short summary please download the English version of our Factsheet.