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611, 2018

Explaining the appeal of populist nationalism in Central Europe (Paul Schmidt, EUROPP Blog, London School of Economics and Political Science)

6. November, 2018|

Central Europe is often seen as particularly fertile ground for populist nationalism given the success of populist parties in countries like Austria and Hungary, but what explains the appeal of this brand of politics for voters in the region? Paul Schmidt writes that there are decreasing levels of trust in European cross-border solutions to the region’s problems, however he argues that prioritising national solutions at the expense of the EU’s credibility could further exacerbate these issues.

2910, 2018

The future of Europe: Views from the capitals (Paul Schmidt, Emerging Europe)

29. Oktober, 2018|

At a time at which a clear pledge to European integration and a stronger commitment to reform would be needed, the debate on the future of Europe is not taking off – particularly in European capitals. A new book, The Future of Europe – Views from the Capitals, published by Palgrave, aims to contribute to the discussion in as many European capitals as possible.